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With Coolpo AI Huddle PANA, Hybrid Learning is Efficient

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With Coolpo AI Huddle PANA, Hybrid Learning is Efficient

June 19
06:11 2021

Prior to using the Coolpo, Crespi Carmelite high School’s faculty was only using Zoom, given that the students were at home. Though there were some students in person, faculty and the rest of the student population remained remote.

Crespi Carmelite High School is a private, Roman Catholic, four-year college preparatory high school in L.A. At Crespi, They each bear a responsibility for not only modeling persistence, grit, and high standards, but also for building Crespi’s reputation as an academic institution.

The Crespi Man Is… Moral and Spiritual – A Lifelong Learner – Productive and Mature

Ultimately, they decided to go with the Coolpo

When staff of School’s Technology and Resource Center were searching for a 360 camera that could be placed in the classrooms to implement hybrid learning, they reviewed many different options. And they chose Coolpo, because it was reasonably priced and very user-friendly, including for teachers that are not the most tech savvy. After reviewing and practicing with how to fully leverage the features and capabilities of the Coolpo, we were able to successfully train our teachers on how to use the Coolpo in their classrooms and best practices for hyflex learning.

The Coolpo allowed those near and far to gather together in one place – the classroom.

It give the student the visual of being a seat in the front of the class. Not only is the Coolpo able to bring faculty and staff together for meeting or students to the classroom, but it can also bring the entire school community together as well.

Coolpo is in the picture of future education

Crespi Carmelite High School’s envision for the Coolpo in conjunction with the future of education is that students will be able to be a part of the school no matter where they are in the world.

“Coolpo exceeded our expectation for our needs. It was cost effective, received timely, and excellent customer service.” – M. Shorter, Education Technology Specialist

Testimonials from staff in Crespi Carmelite

“I feel that Coolpo has been an excellent new teaching tool for implementing hyflex learning with my 10th Grade English class. It allows the students that are attending virtually to feel more like they are in the classroom and it helps me provide a stronger sense of community in the classroom. Coolpo has changed the way I teach for the better. It allows me to move about the classroom the way that I would if we were fully on campus and better supervise or monitor what the students in the physical classroom are doing i.e., what is on their laptop screens. Coolpo is very comfortable to work with and easy to use. It is plug and play which is especially helpful to those of us that are “traveling” teachers because all I need to do to set up for class is connect it to my laptop in whatever classroom I am teaching in. The students initially thought it was a bit odd with respect to what they saw on their screens and how the focus would shift to whomever was talking but they have gotten used to it now and I think it does help them feel more connected to their classmates.” – S. E. McQueen

“I am comfortable with it. I think the sound is excellent, which is very important. I feel more comfortable, relaxed, and confident using Coolpo within the hyflex mode of teaching. I can move around the classroom and continue talking without worrying that those online will not hear me. I can have students online participating in class (talking) because everyone in person can hear them. I think it is a tool that allows class to be more dynamic and closer to “normal”. It is easy to use. Of course, I needed someone to explain me how to use it, but it really isn’t complicated. Those online have expressed that it works well. They have said that the class experience has not diminished in anyway because of the hyflex mode. I attribute this to Coolpo. It allows the hyflex mode of teaching to be efficient.” – Brother R. Reyes

“I appreciate the Coolpo Camera Classroom Technology. I think it is great that I can move about the classroom and have the camera track me. I also appreciate the audio aspect of the system. I know myself and all the faculty are grateful to the Crespi Technical Staff and Administration for being ahead of the curve with hybrid learning in acquiring this very helpful device.” – Dr. T. Bengford

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