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Troy J. Leavitt Law Firm LLC: Trusted Family and Criminal Defense Attorney

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Troy J. Leavitt Law Firm LLC: Trusted Family and Criminal Defense Attorney

September 26
17:23 2023

Missouri, Troy J. Leavitt Law Firm LLC stands as a beacon of support for those navigating the complex terrain of family law and criminal defense. Led by Troy Leavitt, an attorney with over two decades of legal expertise, the firm is dedicated to providing compassionate, resolute, and professional advocacy for every client. 

The firm’s comprehensive family law services cover a spectrum of critical matters, from paternity and guardianship to divorce and post-divorce modifications. With a deep understanding of the emotional, financial, and legal hurdles that accompany such issues, Troy Leavitt brings personal experience to his practice, having gone through a divorce himself. This empathy forms the foundation of his relentless pursuit of justice and stability for his clients.

Moreover, Troy’s background as a former prosecutor equips him with a unique perspective in criminal defense cases. With a particular focus on DWI/DUI cases, he fiercely defends his clients, recognizing the gravity of the potential impact on their future. His commitment to protecting his clients’ rights and futures is unwavering.

The firm’s family law services extend to crucial areas:

Order of Protection: Troy Leavitt’s extensive legal experience and 12-year tenure as a prosecutor enable him to craft strategic legal approaches to safeguard the rights of his clients. 

Adoption: The firm simplifies the adoption process, offering clear and persuasive representation.

Exparte Victim: In cases of physical abuse, Troy Leavitt helps clients file Orders of Protection, providing a vital legal shield.

Visitation: The firm facilitates clear communication between parents, addressing essential matters like medical decisions, financial responsibilities, and relocation challenges.

Divorce and Child Custody: As both a family man and a father, Troy Leavitt recognizes the importance of preserving family bonds while ensuring a healthy transition.

In the realm of criminal defense, Troy J. Leavitt Law Firm LLC extends its unwavering support:

Restraining Orders: The firm aids clients in navigating restraining orders, working to restore a semblance of normalcy in their lives.

DUI: Troy Leavitt’s expertise in DUI cases offers clients a robust defense, even in situations deemed challenging by other attorneys.

Drug Distribution & Trafficking: For those facing serious drug-related charges, Troy Leavitt provides staunch advocacy.

Domestic Abuse: Serving clients across Missouri and Kansas, Troy is available beyond conventional office hours, recognizing that legal issues don’t adhere to a 9-5 schedule.

Criminal Appeals: With a keen understanding of legal precedents and a mastery of documentation, Troy Leavitt is a trusted advocate in criminal appeals.

For residents of Blue Springs and the wider Kansas City Metro Area, Troy J. Leavitt Law Firm LLC stands as a pillar of unwavering legal support. To contact Troy Leavitt and his dedicated team, call (816) 228-6000 or visit their offices at 1500 NW Hwy 7 #300, Blue Springs, MO 64014.

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