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Set pregnant mothers’ minds at rest, MAVM Silicone Gel gives people seamless skin

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Set pregnant mothers’ minds at rest, MAVM Silicone Gel gives people seamless skin

December 29
18:03 2021

Although it is good news to have a baby, as the weight increases, many pregnant mothers have appeared skin phenomenon like stretch marks. This leads to pregnancy anxiety, postpartum depression and other sequelaes. In this case, the Korean MAVM brand has produced a silicone gel that can be used during pregnancy and childbirth. It can lighten scars and make pregnant mothers feel free to bear birth, reproduce wonderful skin and confidence.

MAVM brings people to re-understand stretch marks

Stretch marks are the witness of motherhood and the process of transforming from a girl to a woman, feels sweet and bitter. MAVM hopes to make pregnant mothers rational about stretch marks through professionalism and rigor.

During pregnancy, influence by hormones, uterine enlargement, baby growth, increased amniotic fluid, the abdomen swells, skin elastic fibers and collagen fibers are damaged or broken to varying degrees, and the abdominal skin begins to thin and appear pink or purple waves. After childbirth, the waves gradually disappear, leaving white and shiny scar lines, which are called stretch marks. MAVM synthesized a number of ingredients for this phenomenon and used Korean professional technology to produce silicone gel.

The ingredients are simple and clear

Most of the scar removal products on the market are not recommended for pregnant women and children, but MAVM silicone gel is extremely simple, safe and reliable. The combination of US Dow Corning silicone + three cross-domain skin care ingredients is natural and safe, and can be used by children and pregnant women.

Silicone can improve the environment for cell growth, reduce capillary congestion and collagen fiber proliferation, thereby preventing the formation of hyperplastic scars and stretch marks.

Ceramide NP is similar in structure to the material that composes the stratum corneum, strengthens the skin barrier, helps repair the stratum corneum, and reduces redness and swelling. Madecassoside is the main substance in Hydrocotyle asiatica extract, which can relieve itching, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, soothe sensitive skin, reach to dermis directly, promote the healing of damaged dermal tissue and the regeneration of collagen and fibrin, make skin tight and smooth. Robinetin collagen is very similar to human skin collagen and can promote skin regeneration.

Safe and without additives, relieve the worries during pregnancy

MAVM silicone gel doesn’t contain artificial pigments, fragrances, preservatives and other stimulating ingredients. Its paste is transparent, delicate and refreshing, and has no odor. It is suitable for pregnant women, no risk of acne and doesn’t affect makeup after drying. It is safe and effective, gives the most intimate care for injured skin!

In addition to preparing MAVM silicone gel, pregnant mothers should also strengthen the coordination of diet and exercise in daily lives to get twice the effect with half the effort! 

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