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“Tribute to Dfinity”, CCC’s first crowd canvas exceeded 100 ICP

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“Tribute to Dfinity”, CCC’s first crowd canvas exceeded 100 ICP

November 18
03:21 2021

On November 8, 2021, CCC M-0 canvas “Tribute to Dfinity” reached a new high of 102 ICP price tag. It is the first crowd canvas created from CCC and currently held by the address below:



The current version of CCC, built following IC-721 standard guidelines, randomly selects one pixel from the canvas’s last layers and gives it ownership of the whole artwork.

The artwork went through several transactions of 30 ICP, 40 ICP, 60 ICP. At the moment of writing this article, it is currently sitting at 102 worth of ICP.

Hence, the actual price is consistent with the amount of WICP used to paint the whole canvas. The question is, what made the floor price so high?

From the data, it can see that the “Tribute to Dfinity” canvas was created by 1806 people. These painters invested as much as 102.71959158 ICP.

The canvas carries different cultural identities and imprints of graffiti, pictures, etc. The whole output is so unique and speaks of itself.

The painting process is attached, link below:

At the same time, CCC believe the buyer is a visionary or long-term investor, as CCC might be in his early stage but seems to have a bright future.

On top of building crowd and personal canvas, the team has eyes on GameFi and social. The first-ever canvas known as “Tribute to Dfinity” might be worth a lot in a few years.

CCC chief architect Leven said: “We are the art supplier of the metaverse. We provide painters with a crowd/personal canvas platform to create, communicate, and trade collectibles on the chain at the early stage. In the later stage, we need to provide the basic identity role for the metaverse because this is a vital link for everyone to enter the metaverse”.

He then later added: our users not only can make a decent profit from painting but also can discuss and share ideas.

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