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Kimberly Glomb’s Debut Book, “Jews, Muslims, And Christians: Let’s Talk About God” Aims to Bring Peace

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Kimberly Glomb’s Debut Book, “Jews, Muslims, And Christians: Let’s Talk About God” Aims to Bring Peace

July 14
15:11 2021

Kimberly Glomb pens her self-revelatory book “Jews, Muslims, and Christians: Let’s Talk About God”. Kimberly firmly believes that all Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship the same God. This book is simply understanding God, people, prophets, concepts, and beings shared by other believers. Published on 26th May 2020, the book presents the core thesis that the same name is used to depict a person or a prophet in the Bible and other Arabic sources.

Kimberly has compiled a series of scriptures from the Torah, Bible, and the Qur’an in an attempt to explain the concepts and sources of information to support her claim. She includes mentions from history, from the beginning up to the arrival of the prophet Muhammad. There are prophecies written by Biblical Prophets like Isaiah, Daniel, and Micah mentioned in the book, which she believes are concerning the Qur’an. These scriptures are grouped to simplify reading for the reader.

“I had planned to write this book in my retirement years. It seems God had other plans for me as personality conflicts and perimenopause symptoms ended my days on the ship. God had already given me the outline for writing this book, and once I knew I was not returning to the ship, I started reading the Qur’an and Bible through again”, says Kimberly Glomb.

Kimberly’s purpose behind the book is to make the reader think and hopefully understand her point of view that believers are alike and worship the same God. She hopes they will put behind themselves the things of the past and learn from each other for a more peaceful future. The book is an attempt to resolve the disagreement commonly held by Jews, Christian, and Muslims.

“The book is an interesting comparison of passages from the Bible and Qur’an. It demonstrates the fact that we all believe in the same God and are not all that different. This would be a good resource for religious studies”, says an impressed reader.

The work also brings to light certain incongruities like, is Jesus the Messiah? Why are angels considered male? And was God tired after the creation of the world? The book closes with some non-sectarian prayers.

Kimberly Glomb was born in Atlantic City and raised in Brigantine. She graduated from Atlantic City High School in 1998, when she says she gave her life to God. She later completed her Bachelor of Science degree in marine science from Maine Maritime Academy.

Kimberly has worked for the Department of Commerce/NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) on the hydrographic survey ship, Thomas Jefferson, acquiring hydrographic survey data to update nautical charts for 14 years. During that time, Kimberly says she drew closer to God, experienced life trials, and received ideas from God about writing the book.

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