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Digital financial platform Pulse Planet announced it has secured $30 million in funding, dedicated to offering users an exquisite realm for NFT trading.

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Digital financial platform Pulse Planet announced it has secured $30 million in funding, dedicated to offering users an exquisite realm for NFT trading.

September 27
22:32 2023

On September 26, with the rise of the metaverse concept, a myriad of industries and business models related to the metaverse emerged. Digital NFTs have been adopted by numerous exchanges for digital identity verification, copyright protection, and art trade, among others. Recently, the digital finance platform Pulse Planet announced a $30 million investment to further its related ventures. This has added a fresh discourse to the fervent NFT market. Pulse Planet might well ride this tide to establish itself as a premier financial service platform globally.

The global crypto asset market capitalization now exceeds $2 trillion. According to internal analytics from Pulse Planet, the NFT market based on inscriptions and ordinals is projected to reach $4.5 billion by 2025. As more people gravitate towards NFTs, their market potential will further unfold. With Pulse Planet securing ample resources and international attention, its prospects in the global arena are promising.

Pulse Planet’s strategic investment of $30 million, led by a globally renowned venture capital firm, and followed by a heavyweight platform within the Fortune 500 internet companies, aims to elevate NFTs’ visibility and transaction volume. This seeks to usher in traffic and value for the digital economy. Capitalizing on this funding, Pulse Planet will expand its global footprint and enhance its user offerings, delivering a more profound immersive experience and heightened user engagement.

Established in the UK in 2006, Pulse Planet has rendered exceptional services and support to numerous internationally renowned corporations. In 2019, they inked collaboration agreements with American enterprises and the Dubai royalty, jointly pioneering innovative blockchain applications. Currently, they have subsidiaries in the US, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, with a vision to continuously broaden their global presence. Their goal is to unearth greater business opportunities and partnerships, aiming for mutual success between the company and its clientele.

Furthermore, Pulse Planet boasts a formidable technical team and a professional service ensemble, with members hailing from prestigious enterprises across the globe. They offer round-the-clock customer support in multiple languages, NFT news, and market analysis, aiding investors in making informed trade decisions and catering to the value expectations of both buyers and sellers.

Thanks to its rich feature set and exemplary user services, Pulse Planet has garnered extensive acclaim and an enviable reputation in the industry, gradually evolving into a platform of high calibre, trustworthiness, and unparalleled ingenuity.

The future trajectory of the NFT sector may lean towards broader applications and acceptance. Eagerly embracing technological dissemination and innovation, Pulse Planet aims to propel platform advancements and service metamorphosis. Their goal is to deliver a digital interactive platform where users, regardless of their familiarity with NFT technology, can freely discover, share, and relish NFTs alongside friends.

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