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Psychology Counselor Alina Staicu reveals the secret behind boosting lifespan by 15%

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Psychology Counselor Alina Staicu reveals the secret behind boosting lifespan by 15%

September 27
18:28 2023
Alina Staicu Counseling offers a roadmap to achieve lasting happiness and success.

If anyone is experiencing challenges in their personal or professional life, regardless of the human situation they’re in and wants to discover how to overcome life’s difficulties and shift negative outlooks to more optimistic views, improving their quality of life,  Alina Staicu, founder of Alina Staicu Counseling, guides individuals on their journey of self-discovery in today’s complex world, helping them to achieve their full potential and improve their overall well-being.

Psychology Counselor Alina Staicu explains, “Our brain’s health is closely tied to our state of mind and body. Our thinking changes how the cells in our body function. Studies show that people who think and act positive are healthier overall and live longer than those who stay constantly negative.” 

This 2019 study found that positive thinking can result in an 11-15% longer lifespan and a stronger likelihood of living to age 85 or older.  

In addition to positive thinking, there are lifestyle factors that can add years to your life, including regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a nutrient-dense diet, consuming moderate amounts of alcohol, and not smoking, all of which can help extend lifespan by 12–14 years, according to this 2018 study.

While studies point to living longer, they don’t often discuss the improved quality of life that comes with it. But as the field of positive psychology is exploring, beyond increased lifespan, positive thoughts and emotions contribute tremendously to happiness so you can enjoy a richer, more satisfying life.” Alina concluded. 

To read more about positive thinking and its importance for brains and bodies, visit her new counseling website,

For updates, follow Alina Staicu @alinastaicu on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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