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September 15
07:56 2023

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – September 14, 2023 –, the definitive online platform for music enthusiasts, is taking center stage in Vietnam’s music scene with its unwavering commitment to fostering a profound love for music. As the official digital nexus of Tieng hat Mai Xanh (Eternal Green Voice), this platform is poised to be the ultimate destination for aficionados seeking credible and enthralling musical insights.

In a harmonious collaboration with MayQ Media Communications, curates a symphony of offerings, including real-time news updates, spellbinding visuals, enchanting videos, interactive audience participation, comprehensive competition details, tantalizing prize structures, meticulously crafted broadcast schedules, and engaging articles that dive deep into the soul of music.

A vibrant identity rooted in green harmony

At the heart of is the vibrant blue musical note symbol, symbolizing the eternal freshness of the singer — a testament to the platform’s unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting its musical heritage. The show’s resonant title “Tieng Hat Mai Xanh” has resonated greatly with Vietnamese audiences who share a deep passion for singing. It’s a hymn to a lifelong love affair with art.

Singing for an Evergreen Life

With the resonant slogan, “Tieng Hat Mai Xanh” encapsulates the essence of the program. It’s more than just a song; it’s a journey to discover and nurture musical talents among the middle-aged and elderly, ensuring that the love for music thrives eternally.

A Modern Harmony in User Engagement

The platform has a modern design that is both attractive and user-friendly for all ages, inviting guests to embark on an engaging musical journey. Always featuring the latest news, audiences will be captivated by fascinating visuals and immerse themselves in new worlds that take you to the essence of music. Get to know your favorite contestants through an intuitive voting system and explore countless articles that will enrich your understanding and enhance your appreciation of music.

Excellence on every note always strives to achieve excellence in the hearts of audiences by updating the latest news. Continuously updating golden voices on television is the key to opening the door for people to go deeper into the music field. Enrich your music offerings by enhancing the depth and breadth of your coverage, ensuring that every aspect finds its rightful place in the spotlight. User experience is also at the heart of this ongoing symphony, with plans to introduce enhanced interactive features, such as vocal comments, and seamless content.

The future of music in Vietnam reaches new heights is not just a website; It’s a new musical movement. This is a tribute to the eternal appeal of music and is ready to touch the hearts of a wide audience, surpass all boundaries, and ultimately shape the future of Vietnamese music.

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