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Interview with a 2023 Prominent Graduate from high school in Shanghai

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Interview with a 2023 Prominent Graduate from high school in Shanghai

September 12
13:41 2023

In this interview, a prominent graduate from Wellington College International Shanghai reflects on her transformative experience at one of the best international schools in Shanghai.

Cathy looks back on four life-changing years as a Wellingtonian. Not long after arriving at Wellington as a year 10 pupil, her world opened up. As a deputy head of house, she learned valuable leadership, teamwork and communication skills. She built her confidence by auditioning for and performing in our Senior School musicals. Ultimately, it all paid off. Next fall, Cathy will be attending her dream school, NYU.

Wellington College International Shanghai

A Warm Welcome from the Best School in Shanghai

“My first day of school here is my most vivid Wellington memory. I remember walking into my house room. I was super nervous and felt panicked. I was literally shaking. I did not know the house system. I had been to international schools before, but we never had anything like houses before. This system was entirely new to me. I did not know where to go or whom to talk to. I did not even know what a housemaster was. It was intimidating, but the people here were just so welcoming. Then the teacher assigned me a buddy who showed me all around campus. So, the transition was really smooth and easy.”

Stepping Out of Comfort Zone at the Best School in Shanghai

“When I first got here, I was shy. I did not like to do any public speaking or connect with people. I was not fond of going out of my comfort zone or taking on any kind of leadership role. But at some point, my housemaster chose me as our deputy head of house. It really changed me — both my personality and my work ethic. I like to study more and I am more organised, and I am better at planning team activities and connecting with people.”

Wellington College International Shanghai

The courage & confidence to perform onstage at the Best School in Shanghai

“If I had never attended Wellington, I never would have performed in a musical. I think if I had gone to another school, I would have never even auditioned. But my friends here are super supportive. They encouraged me to participate, and I ended up really enjoying it. In my time here, I have auditioned for and gotten parts in Joseph and the Magic Technicolor Dreamcoat and Chicago.”

Wellington College International Shanghai

The tools to achieve her goals

“I think Wellington definitely helped me achieve my goals in terms of personal growth. Also, the university counsellors and teachers here helped me achieve my goals in terms of getting into New York University. That has been my dream school for a very, very long time.”

A look to the horizon

“I want to study media, culture and communication and then graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. I want to understand the relationship between propaganda, media and the information that we consume every day. I am interested in learning how brands and the media use psychology to persuade us and nudge us in the direction they want us to go in.”

In Conclusion

Wellington College International Shanghai has provided a transformative education to this prominent graduate from the Class of 2023. This best international school in Shanghai has fostered a supportive community, allowed them to pursue passions, develop valuable skills and achieve academic and personal goals.

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