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“Towards the Future: A Symposium on Short Films” was Held Online on December 17th

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“Towards the Future: A Symposium on Short Films” was Held Online on December 17th

April 13
23:46 2023

“Towards the Future: A Symposium on Short Films” was sponsored by the International Cultural Association of Jilin Province and organized by Jilin Animation Institute; it was held online on December 17th. The conference was an offshoot event of the Asian College Students Short Video Exchange Exhibition. The conference was hosted by Tai Qinghua, deputy dean of the School of Film, who was joined by Bao Yiping, executive deputy director of the International Cooperation and Development Center; and Wen Lijun, assistant to the dean of the School of Film. 300 teachers and students in fields such as new media, radio and television directing, broadcasting and anchoring attended the conference. The symposium invited three special guests who were media industry experts, Wang Chao, editor-in-chief of WeChat official account of Xinhua News Agency; Sun Chengfu, special lecturer of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television; and Guo Guangyu, editor-in-chief of Red Star Video Cultural Media Company. The three special guests shared their experience in creating short videos, cutting-edge industry achievements, and new trends in short video development to the teachers and students from the School of Film.

Wang Chao, editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency’s WeChat official account, discussed future guidelines for short videos in his presentation, How to Gauge the Correct Direction to Attract Massive Online Traffic While Maintaining Positivity. Utilizing evocative case studies, he explained in simple terms that creators must strengthen their perspective of users, products, promotion and system construction. Creators must flexibly convey a key message through everyday trivial matters, while prioritizing and integrating creativity with technical skills. Wang also stressed the importance of adhering to the bottom line and strictly maintaining the direction to ensure the desired results. Lastly, he asserted that establishing communication, cooperation and mutual benefit during promotional activities is crucial.

Sun Chengfu, a special lecturer from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, described his views on new media creation through his presentation, Operation and Maintenance of Video Accounts Under Algorithms: the Law of Increasing Followers and Acquisition and Production Skills for Popular Videos. Sun claimed that it is necessary to produce excellent products and improve promotional effectiveness. Furthermore, he stated that a good short video needs to properly convey messages. To create short videos that are positive and gain heavy traffic, creators must be adept at quickly generating popular searches, spreading and promoting their work to a wide audience while gaining empathy.

Guo Guangyu, editor-in-chief of Red Star Video Cultural Media Company, presented his report, titled The Construction of Short Video Broadcast Matrix for New Mainstream Media on Social Platforms. Guo described how Red Star News had risen rapidly and successfully, seizing the top position in short videos in the three years since the video and visual center was formally established in December 2019. Guo also explained how the company gained 60 billion annual views and 62 million followers. In sum, he stated that short videos must be simple yet full of details, with a good balance between emotions and pace. The reports presented by the three industry experts provided useful knowledge to the participants and received an enthusiastic response during the interactive session. The experts conducted in-depth discussions on the trend of short videos and industry dynamics with the participants. This year, the first Asian College Students Short Video Exchange Exhibition attracted widespread attention from university students and short video enthusiasts. The exhibition specially set up “Towards the Future: A Symposium on Short Films” to allow more college students to participate in the exchange of creative ideas and academic discussions. During the short video industry event, students learned the latest art and technology trends, discovered industry frontiers, and learned how to promote communication and innovation.

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