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PEGO Network Launches Public Testing of New DAO Governance Chain

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PEGO Network Launches Public Testing of New DAO Governance Chain

March 29
14:05 2023

Recently, PEGO Network, the new DAO governance public chain initiated by the world’s largest consensus body PEGO community, launched the first round of virtual public test, this direct abandonment of intermediate procedures, public test activities for all members of the community is extremely rare, the public chain field is the industry’s first, at the same time, this will also be the largest public test activities in the Web3 world.

PEGO Network, created by the largest consensus body in the world, has launched the first round of virtual public testing for its new DAO governance public chain. This unprecedented move in the public chain field allows all members of the community to participate without the need for intermediate procedures. Furthermore, it is the largest public testing event in the Web3 world.

Full Access to All Basic Features with Rewards & Drops

Apart from the community members, PEGO Network invites worldwide developers, researchers, and Web3 enthusiasts to join the PEGO public chain network testing. Throughout the public testing phase, users will have the opportunity to gain direct experience of all the crucial functions of the PEGO public chain and become more familiar with the relevant operation process. Furthermore, as the key force to participate in both the PEGO public chain and ecological governance in the future, users can anticipate the key directions of PEGO’s extensive ecological strategy in advance and present their suggestions and ideas for future development.

Developers can benefit from the PEGO public testing by experiencing the high-performance capabilities of the real decentralization under the new DAO system and making advanced preparations. The community is also holding a bounty program during the public test, providing users with the opportunity to discover and submit valid bugs for rewards.

To participate in the PEGO public testing, follow these simple steps:

1. Add the PEGO public test network parameters to your wallet, such as TokenPocket or MetaMask.

2. Acquire the relevant public test tokens, which can be obtained mainly through PEGO community application airdrop or official tips. Please note that these test tokens do not have any transaction value and should not be purchased.

3. Access the public test address to carry out related operations.

PEGO official website

PEGO Blockchain Explorer

The initial public testing provides an opportunity to test a range of functions, including wallet connection operations, transaction transfers, and node applications, among others.

Rewards & Drops Policy

If users encounter any problems or bugs during the testing process, they should take screenshots and upload them to the official bug collection form portal immediately. Only those who are the first to submit the problem and are approved by the development team will win a bug bounty. To increase the likelihood of receiving a reward, it is recommended to participate in the test as early as possible and upload bug information promptly.

High Performance and Decentralization

PEGO Network is a new, high-performance public chain that features a complete DAO governance design. This enables PEGO Network to transform consensus into organized and coordinated traffic and value, with the ultimate goal of achieving a high-performance public chain that meets decentralization standards while ensuring the efficiency of public chain governance development.

In today’s market, there is a strong focus on “TPS” (transactions per second) and a neglect of governance transparency. This trend carries significant risks, particularly during the stage of market hot money influx.

The PEGO community-wide public testing phase reflects the decentralized and community-driven nature of the PEGO public chain. From the outset, PEGO has been open to the community and built on consensus, providing a model that fosters vitality and creativity within the public chain and its future ecosystem. This approach is vital to the development of a healthy public chain ecosystem.

Layer2 has triggered a new round of growth in the market, following the recent boom of new public chains. This suggests that there is still ample room for growth within the public chain market, and PEGO Network is well-positioned to compete effectively within this space. With its decentralized network and high speed, low cost, and low latency capabilities, PEGO Network represents a strong player in the market.

In addition, PEGO Network also supports mainstream centralized virtual machines in the market, making it easier for developers to deploy, migrate and onboard. This seamless integration improves the development of the application level within the ecosystem.

The public testing of PEGO’s new public chain conveys two messages to the public. The first message has already been mentioned, while the second message indicates that the core engine of the PEGO ecosystem is nearing completion, adding value to the platform.

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