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Currick Exchange Research Reveals 5 Secrets About the Metaverse People Need to Know

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Currick Exchange Research Reveals 5 Secrets About the Metaverse People Need to Know

March 22
01:36 2023

The metaverse uses technology to link and create, projecting various contents of the real world into parallel universes. In essence, it is a process of virtualization and digitalization of the real world. Based on extended reality technology, blockchain and other technologies, it builds a digital living space of a new social system.

Web3 is the core technology layer of the metaverse, which solves the problem of user information security and content ownership. In the metauniverse and Web3, there is an important impact on the development of the global financial industry. Currick Exchange Research Institute will analyze it from the following five perspectives:

The first is the demand for transactions. The value created in the meta-universe is presented in the form of digital assets, which is one of the important platforms for the production, consumption and exchange of digital assets, which also means that there will be a large number of transaction demands. According to the Currick Exchange report on the Future of the Metacomes, the future metaverse will include more virtual currencies, such as in-game tokens, stablecoins, legal digital currencies, and virtual currencies.

Second, it will affect the construction of the global economic system. The development of digital currencies, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, including NFT, has provided great inspiration for the direction of the metaverse economic system. In particular, the popularity of NFT has proved its feasibility in the metaverse economic system.

Third, there is digital identity. A recognisable digital identity is important in a metaverse, which is more dependent on mutual trust and consensus among participants due to its decentralized nature. Digital identity makes it possible to combine web3 with digital payments when making purchases at metaverse merchants.

Fourth, the meta-universe game. With the integration of Web3, AR/VR and other technologies, not only the real experience and immersion are greatly improved, but also value can be created. Users can enjoy digital ownership, transactions and business transactions, such as virtual people and props sold in the game.

Fifth, infrastructure. No matter the underlying technology or application scenario, there is still a big gap between the metauniverse and the mature form in the future, and the related industries of the metauniverse have a huge space for expansion.

Digital assets are the medium of the metaverse, and the metaverse space will also host more digital assets. As a global innovative multi-currency digital asset trading platform, Currick provides multi-currency trading, including coin trading, fiat currency trading, options trading, etc., committed to providing a full range of digital asset trading services to global blockchain enthusiasts.

The meta-universe has very high requirements for underlying functions and technologies, such as extended reality technology, digital twin technology, blockchain technology, etc. Currick Exchange has been innovating in technology. Currick Exchange has gathered global technical elites and built a top technical team, most of which are from the traditional financial securities industry, Microsoft and other top Internet companies. Currick Exchanges deep research in the universe based on blockchain distributed storage, and computer and network technology, Currick with tamper-proof and traceable features, to solve the trust problem. In addition, Currick is also studying the underlying content architecture related to the meta-universe and the application combination of blockchain technology, to bring better trading services to investors in the meta-universe world.

In terms of the founding team, most of the members of the founding team of Currick Exchange are from the early operators of BAT Internet and bitcoin. For example, Vlad Tirla, founder & CEO of Currick, is the former product director and senior product designer of Alibaba. In terms of products, Currick Exchange takes the user as the core, offering a rich portfolio of trading products, such as leveraged trading and contract trading, which will be launched soon. In terms of operation, Currick Exchange has formed strategic cooperation with many high-quality communities in the same industry to promote consensus and build ecology. In terms of brand, Currick Exchange continues to push forward steadily and has reached strategic cooperation with several global industry quality media to provide strong promotion and brand-building support for the exchange.

Currently, Currick has more than 23 million investors worldwide, providing stable and secure digital asset transactions to users in 50 countries every day. Currick Exchange has completed the layout of many countries and regions around the world, covering dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, etc., and realised localization operation, occupying the main share of the local market. In the future, Currick will continue to be innovation-driven and integrate the world’s top technologies to provide users with more secure, convenient, intelligent and innovative digital asset trading services.

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