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Is Currick Exchange trustworthy? 4 dimensions digging deep into the Currick Platform

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Is Currick Exchange trustworthy? 4 dimensions digging deep into the Currick Platform

March 15
01:01 2023

With the global explosion of digital asset transactions, a large number of digital asset exchanges have emerged in the industry. For investors, how to choose a credible digital asset exchange with development potential becomes the key.

1. Security

There have been problems such as hacking attacks on various exchanges, and there are many top exchanges among them. Since the establishment of Currick Exchange, there has never been a crisis event such as coin theft or hacker attack. Careful research will reveal that Currick Exchange has a strong technical team support. The members come from BAT and other global first-line Internet executives and elites. They have excellent technical capabilities and have developed a set of safe and stable frameworks. Protection, using isolation settings for transactions and accounts to protect user transactions and accounts in real time. Most importantly, the security risk control of Currick Exchange adopts financial-level security technology standards. For large-scale transactions, Currick works closely with more than 50 crypto pools/foundations/investment institutions in more than 20 countries around the world to provide large-scale matching and custody services, and establish a strict transaction risk control system to make transactions more secure and reliable.

2. Trading experience

This mainly depends on the transaction fluency and currency volume of the platform. Investors can focus on observing the platform’s transaction processing capacity, the speed of deposit and withdrawal, etc., including whether it can operate effectively in the form of Ethereum congestion. Due to the strong technical strength of the founding team, Currick has not experienced any downtime or problems affecting the transaction experience. It supports 7*24 of deposit and withdrawal, and it can be credited quickly and in time. In the actual transaction of Currick Exchange, investors can intuitively feel the convenience of super server clusters. Currick Exchange adopts a dual architecture of cloud computing server clusters + self-built server rooms to ensure high concurrent transaction processing in any service area brings convenient trading experience.

In terms of investment options, Currick provides users with a rich investment portfolio, supporting currency trading, fiat currency trading, option trading and the upcoming leveraged trading and contract trading. In the digital currency ecosystem built by Currick, it supports diversified trading areas such as usdt, btc, eth, and trx, and provides BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. At the same time, a strict selection team for high-quality projects has been established, and the released projects have great potential and appreciation space. For example, the New Energy Vehicle (NEV) project released on December 29 last year is a high-quality project launched by the team after repeated simulation tests in combination with the global new energy vehicle boom. of high attention. The global development of the new energy field is also one of the reasons why NEV is sought after all over the world. Experts believe that NEV is an effective long-term investment and the most worthwhile investment project this year. In the next step, the Currick Exchange will soon launch the one-click currency purchase function and the real-time floating profit and loss pricing function. Users can directly use the fiat currency payment method to purchase the currency of the online project party.

3. Volume

Try to choose an exchange with a large trading volume. The trading volume is an important indicator of liquidity. The large trading volume means that the order depth is sufficient, which can reduce transaction costs, meet the demand for large orders, and grasp the buying and selling opportunities at any time. At the same time, the risk of being manipulated by exchanges with large trading volume is relatively low. The average daily trading volume of Currick Exchange is 800 million US dollars, and it is rising steadily. Brandon Chez, former CEO of CoinMarketCap, said in a dialogue with Currick executives that Currick is a platform that focuses on long-term development and can provide investors with time-traveling the project is a trading platform that investors can trust.

4. Qualification and background

The compliant operation of the platform is the premise of the transaction. As a compliance-based financial institution, Currick has financial business entities in dozens of countries and regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, and plans to gradually open regional distributed exchanges. Especially in Japan, Currick has gained many loyal users. The NPS index (Net Promoter Score) exceeds 80 points, surpassing 98% of the exchanges, and even got the official recommendation from the Japan Cryptocurrency Association. The association mentioned that Currick has been strictly Compliant operation under market supervision has greatly promoted the development of Japan’s encryption industry.

Since its establishment, Currick Exchange has developed rapidly, with fast product iteration and rapid growth in user volume. It has more than 3.5 million global users and provides stable and secure digital asset trading services and rich digital assets for users in 50 countries around the world every day. Financial derivatives, diversified application scenarios. Currick will continue to adhere to the principle of user first and service first, and provide global investors with safe and reliable, professional service.

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