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BELEM Launched Utility Token – BEM To Speed Up The Globalization Strategic Plan

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BELEM Launched Utility Token – BEM To Speed Up The Globalization Strategic Plan

March 02
03:50 2023

BELEM, one of the top crypto asset trading platforms in the world, has received a number of M&A interest, including some of the world’s best-known investment firms. The inclusion of financial giants is a major event, showing that the crypto industry has achieved another development milestone on its way to being recognized by mainstream investors.

Merger and acquisition invitations, BELEM accelerated the global strategic layout

For BELEM Exchange, the acquisition offers from various parties are a strong recognition of BELEM’s strength and a big step forward in BELEM’s globalization strategy, which marks the acceleration of BELEM’s pace of realizing its global layout.

BELEM will join forces with the aquiver to create a global, world-leading crypto exchange, giant with diversified trading coverage, which will provide unprecedented access to a global cryptocurrency trading market for market participants and investors around the world.

As a leader in cryptocurrencies, BELEM has been trying to disrupt the established industry landscape. This partnership with the acquirer can generate great synergies, as BELEM Exchange puts its advantages into a global perspective, integrates with global resources, and shares benefits with global traders. At the same time, it is expected to help BELEM improve the global layout of the exchange, increase the proportion of overseas business, seize a greater market share, enhance the international voice of BELEM Exchange, and enter the stage of global trading takeoff.

Launched utility token – Belem Token (BEM)

After merger and acquisition meeting with investment firms, BELEM still adheres to the principle of “investors and users is wealth”, continues to innovate products and provide quality services for investors. BELEM recently issued BELEM Token (BEM), which will be available for subscription from 19:00 to 22:00 daily from March 02 to March 04, 2023. BEM is the only token for the rights and interests of the BELEM platform, which provides a new driving force for the accelerated expansion of the BELEM global transaction ecosystem. It aims to enable every user to participate in the construction and development of the platform and build the BELEM platform ecosystem.

Compared with regular cryptocurrencies, BEM has more attributes and gameplay, and can be used in multiple scenarios within the BELEM exchange and under the BELEM ecosystem. Holding BEM can enjoy various rights and interests on the BELEM platform.

BELEM Launched Utility Token – BEM To Speed Up The Globalization Strategic Plan

Even before its official launch, BEM has received a lot of attention from the industry. Some veteran investors believe that BEM is the next crypto legend, with a good chance of winning the title of the next “hundredfold currency” from its own advantages and huge development potential. In terms of data, the average daily trading volume of BELEM exchange continues to hit record highs. Higher trading volume means more users and more room for appreciation of BEM. According to the official disclosure, BELEM Exchange has more than 8 million global investors and serves 120 countries around the world. Such a strong user base and recognition provide a guarantee for the stable development of BEM. With the development and expansion of BELEM Exchange itself, it is bound to establish strong core competitiveness, expand the application scenarios of BEM to increase its value, and apply it in various ecological chain projects of BELEM platform.

With the continuous deepening of the globalization process, BELEM Exchange will continue to expand the trading ecology and financial territory, eliminate global trading barriers, reshape the global asset trading system, promote the global ecological layout of BELEM’s global compliance business and exchange, build a leading global digital currency center in the new blockchain financial era, and stand at the top of the global trading market.


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