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Grieving family decides to ask crypto community for desperately needed help

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Grieving family decides to ask crypto community for desperately needed help

September 17
11:47 2022

Hi there, I am Latoya Washington, writing this campaign with a heavy heart.

My husband Kris and I graduated from trucking school with our CDL License as 18-wheeler Truck Drivers.

After graduation, we joined LTI Trucking Service as company drivers for four months. After that, we started thinking about starting our own trucking company.

So, we both worked day and night, and Purpose Driven Transportation LLC was born in December 2019!

We worked very hard for 3 years straight, saving our money and putting back into our company, paying bills, and taking care of our family.

Everything was perfect, and we were happy, but fate had some other plans!

In 2022, we faced severe financial setbacks and had to give our truck back. Now we had nowhere to earn money from.

So, we decided to rejoin the trucking company we were working in, LTI Trucking Service. We decided to return to LTI to save money and catch up with bills, which left us with no option, but we refused to quit.

But again, unfortunately, life had different plans for us.

Three of my cousins passed away, two were killed, and one had a car accident leaving our family devastated. It doesn’t end here.

My husband’s mother was ill with Liver Cancer, and the doctors tried everything; there was nothing left to do. We had to make a choice to either go back on the road or take care of mom.

While making our decision, our old company decided to take the truck back and our last pay as well, due to our decision to stay home and take care of my mother-in-law, Jessica.

We were told that she had a year to live, but unfortunately, her health kept worsening, leaving her with maybe 4 days left, according to hospice, as of this Monday, 09/05/2022.

Yes, I said hospice; she has been on hospice since she left the hospital on 08/02/2022. She was in the hospital for three weeks straight, but she requested to be cared for at home by her only child, my husband Kris, and myself and to die peacefully with her family.

The best we could do at that time was to give her a wish to her. So, now she is home, and we are taking care of her, spending as much time as we can beside her.

Now the point comes where we need your help. It is even difficult for me to write it, but we cannot afford her funeral.

As explained earlier, we have no job, and our savings have been used already. Now the money we have is not enough for a funeral.


Also, she has no life insurance to cover funeral arrangements. We were in the dark and didn’t know what to do.

Then I learned about this platform where you can get help from generous people like you!

We need to raise $50,000 to take care of arrangements for her funeral and try to get back on our feet.

So, would you help us get through this challenging time? Would you hold our hand and give us a shoulder?

If yes, open your hearts and donate as much as possible. We need to collect the funds as soon as possible.

Kindly donate to help us, share this campaign, and spread the word!

Every help would be appreciated more than we can reflect. Thank you.

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